Meeting to consider SB 82 and SB 1269; and HB 2357

Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee

Monday, June 24 | Off the Floor

Rules Committee Conference Room


• Senate Bill 82 P.N. 32 (Phillips-Hill) – Amends the act of December 7,
1982 (P.L.784, No.225), known as the Dog Law, in licenses, tags and
kennels, further providing for transfer of dog licenses or tags and other
licensing requirements and for service dogs and dogs used by municipal or
State Police departments.

o Amendment A05073 (Vogel) – Eliminates the requirement for an
interstate certificate of veterinary inspection to board out of state dogs
in PA and makes technical changes to the Dog Law.

Senate Bill 1269 P.N. 1749 (Aument & Vogel) – Amends Title 3
(Agriculture) providing for the Agriculture Innovation Grant Program; and
promulgating regulations.

House Bill 2357 P.N. 3192 (Pashinski) – Amends Title 3 (Agriculture)
establishing the Pennsylvania Food Bucks Program and the Pennsylvania
Food Bucks Program Account; and making an appropriation.

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