DEP Implements Vogel Legislation Suspending Costly Fuel Pump Regulation

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) announced today that effective November 12, 2016, it will no longer enforce the Stage II vapor recovery requirement for new or modified gasoline dispensing equipment.

Senate Bill 1386, a measure introduced by Senator Elder Vogel Jr. and signed into law as Act 135 of 2012, eliminated the requirement that gas stations in the Pittsburgh region install Stage II vapor recovery systems on fuel pumps. Since 2000, all passenger cars and light trucks have been required to include onboard refueling emissions controls, rendering the costly Stage II vapor recovery systems on fuel pumps redundant. In fact, the two technologies used in tandem have been shown to be less effective than either system alone.

“The vast majority of vehicles on Pennsylvania roads today already do a better job of reducing gasoline vapor emissions than these expensive ‘at the pump’ systems,” said Senator Vogel. “This is good news for small business owners and the environment.” 

Anthony Tammaro

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