Governor Signs Vogel’s Cost-saving Legislation for Schools into Law

Governor Wolf today (June 23) signed into law legislation introduced by Senator Elder Vogel that will allow school districts to save thousands of dollars in annual mailing costs.

Senate Bill 1077, which was signed into law as Act 56 of 2016, eliminates the mandate that school districts annually inform parents by physical mailing when the district uses audio and video recording to identify and address discipline issues on school buses.

The mailer mandate was included as part of Act 9 of 2014, which gave school districts the ability to use audio recordings on school buses. Instead of the mailing, which can easily cost thousands of dollars each year, the new law gives schools the option to provide notice of the policy through student handbooks as well as on the school’s website.

“I want to thank my colleagues for moving this cost-saving measure through the legislative process and the Governor for signing it into law. There simply is no need to require schools to send out a separate mailing each year for this one specific policy,” Senator Vogel said. “Eliminating that burdensome requirement when the information is readily available through other sources will save taxpayer dollars.”

Senator Vogel comments on the new law.

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