Senator Vogel Supports State Budget Sent to Governor

Earlier today, the Senate approved House Bill 1460, a $30.2 billion, fiscally-responsible spending plan that now awaits Governor Wolf’s signature into law, according to Senator Elder Vogel Jr. This final spending figure represents a 75-percent reduction in spending increases from the Governor called for in his initial budget request in March.

“The bipartisan budget that I voted for today will immediately disburse much-needed funding to schools, counties, nonprofits, and human service providers that are struggling to make ends meet,” Senator Vogel said. “This is not a stop-gap measure, it is a full-year spending plan that does not require the broad-based, punishing income and sales tax increases that Governor Wolf initially sought. This budget impasse has gone on way too long. This is an affordable plan that will not require massive tax increases to fund.

“I am disappointed that we could not pass pension reform and liquor privatization into law at this time; but it is imperative that we deliver a fiscally responsible alternative to Governor Wolf’s budget that fully funds state government and ensures that schools, homeless shelters, and food banks do not have to shut their doors for the holidays.

“This budget holds the line on spending and makes our state government live within its means, something that my constituents have overwhelmingly supported since this impasse began. I urge Governor Wolf to do the right thing — sign this bipartisan budget into law and deliver funding to our schools and service providers that have been held hostage for far too long.”


Anthony Tammaro

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