New Castle Municipal Airport was recently awarded a $100,000 state Aviation Transportation Assistance Program grant, according to state Senator Elder Vogel.

The grant is intended to construct a hangar addition that will support growth at the airport. Last year, the airport received a $601,667 Aviation Transportation Assistance Program grant to rehabilitate a runway and improve taxiway lighting.

“New Castle Municipal Airport is a key part of our regional economy and it certainly will take on an even larger role in the future,” said Senator Vogel. “This grant continues the state’s investment in our community. By developing and enhancing the New Castle Municipal Airport, we give local leaders another great marketing tool to use when competing for new businesses and jobs.”

New Castle Municipal Airport was among nine airports across Pennsylvania sharing $9.7 million in grants during the current round of funding. The Aviation Transportation Assistance Program is a capital budget grant program funded with bonds. It is not supported by general fund revenues.

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