SB 1149, 1107 and 1188

Senate Bill 1149 (Brubaker) – Amending Title 3 (Agriculture) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, in fertilizer, further providing for labels and labeling and for disposition of funds; and providing for fertilizer for use on turf.

Amendment A04779 (Brubaker) – Amends the bill by clarifying by-product.

Senate Bill 1107 (Alloway) – Amends the Dog Law, further providing for definitions and for revocation or refusal of kennel licenses.

Amendment A04357 (Dinniman) – Restricts the prohibition to a person who intends to operate a kennel at the same location for which a license was revoked for an immediate family member.

Senate Bill 1188 (Vogel) – Amending the act of December 17, 1981 (P.L.435, No.135), known as the Race Horse Industry Reform Act, further providing for definitions; repealing provisions related to the State Horse Racing Commission and State Harness Racing Commission; and providing for racing oversight.

Amendment A05730 (Vogel) – Requires further licensing, makes fee, technical and clarifying amendments.


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