“Hoop house” bill signed into law by the Governor

Governor Corbett signed into law (December 23) a measure introduced by Senator Elder Vogel that removes an undue burden on Pennsylvania farmers. Act 130 of 2013 ensures that high tunnel greenhouses are not considered permanent structures and categorized as real estate for tax purposes.

High tunnels, also known as hoop houses, are steel pipe frames covered by plastic that have a variety of agricultural purposes including plant protection, livestock housing, and storage.

“I want to thank my colleagues and the Governor for taking this step to help Pennsylvania’s farmers. Hoop houses extend their growing season so farming families can improve the profitability of their farms. Growers can start their season 4 to 8 weeks earlier in the spring and extend the season 2 to 5 weeks later in the fall,” said Senator Vogel, Chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee. “Subjecting these temporary structures to taxation places an onerous financial burden on farming families that can more than erase any profits they may realize from using high tunnels in the first place.”


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