Wampum Borough receives $506,651 state grant

Wampum Borough will receive a $506,651 PennWorks grant from the Commonwealth Financing Authority, according to Senator Elder Vogel.

The borough will use the money to offset part of the costs to replace its existing 529,000-gallon water storage tank with a 750,000-gallon tank. The increased water capacity will provide the necessary water service for a planned expansion by Universal Refractories, Inc., which includes the anticipated creation of 21 full-time jobs.

“This grant helps Wampum in several ways. First, the grant helps defer some of the burden on water system ratepayers to replace a deteriorated storage tank that is cracked and leaking,” Senator Vogel said. “In turn, the increased water capacity will spur economic growth and job creation in the community. That is a great investment in the community.”


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