Bill expanding job opportunities for veterans clears committee

The Senate Transportation Committee today (May 7) passed legislation introduced by Senator Elder Vogel that will expand job opportunities for Pennsylvania’s service members and veterans. Senate Bill 277 amends state law regarding commercial driver’s license qualification standards for members of the armed services.

As it currently stands, military personnel and veterans who have two years of experience driving a military commercial vehicle are eligible to waive the CDL skills test when certain criteria are met. One such requirement states that the applicant is eligible for waiver if the applicant has legally operated certain equipment for at least two years immediately preceding application for a commercial driver’s license.

SB 277 strikes “immediately preceding” from the law, providing military personnel and veterans with at least two years of military commercial driving experience the opportunity to apply for a CDL with the possibility of a waiver at any time.

“Right now, Pennsylvania offers these waivers, but military personnel have to act immediately,” said Senator Vogel. “That’s an unnecessary and vague requirement. The military offers top-notch, real life training that more than prepares its personnel to handle those vehicles. We should provide every opportunity for service members and veterans to use their skills and training in the civilian world. This will benefit our men and women who serve our nation and Commonwealth as well as the companies that ultimately employ them.”

The bill now goes to the full Senate for consideration.

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