Beemac Trucking Awarded Grant for Natural Gas Refueling Station

Public refueling station to be built in Harmony Township

State Senator Elder Vogel announced today that the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Financing Authority awarded a $469,292 Alternative and Clean Energy grant to Beemac Trucking, LLC. Beemac plans to complete a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) refueling facility in Harmony Township. The facility will be open to the public to refuel CNG vehicles. This will be the first CNG station in Beaver County.

“This is great news for Beaver County. Not only is natural gas better for the environment, but it is cheaper to fill up than regular gasoline,” Vogel said. “I have talked to residents and businesses that want to purchase or convert their vehicles to natural gas but they have been hesitant because the closest stations are in Allegheny County.”

Beemac broke ground at the facility site last year. The total project cost comes in at more than $3.6 million and includes the fueling station, maintenance shop, and purchasing and converting trucks to run on CNG. Beemac said last year that they would be looking to add more than 50 workers to run the station.

“I applaud Beemac for making this multi-million dollar investment in Beaver County. It will give people the incentive to look at CNG vehicles, help reduce air emissions, and most importantly it will provide more family-sustaining jobs for our area,” Vogel added.

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