Ag Department Announces Crop Insurance Program Updates

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture recently announced several crop insurance updates clarifying coverage of spring-planted crops, according to Senator Elder Vogel, Chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee.

Prices used as the basis for crop insurance protection and claims in 2013 include:

  • Corn insured as grain set at a projected $5.65 per bushel.
  • Corn grown using organic production practices at $8.79.
  • Corn insured for silage with a tonnage guarantee at $53.25 per ton.
  • Soybeans insured for grain at $12.87 per bushel.
  • Soybeans grown using organic production practices at $19.81 per bushel.

Earliest planting dates have been set for corn (April 11) and soybeans (April 11-30, depending on county). Acreage planted before the earliest planting date is not eligible for a replanting loss payment if replanting is necessary.

There are two new special provisions related to cover crops:

  • Coarse grain crops like corn, grain sorghum and soybeans that are planted into established small grain, grass or legume cover crops are insurable if the cover crop is destroyed before the grain crop emerges.
  • Acreage with a cover crop used for haying or grazing is eligible for prevent planting payments as long as the use of the cover crop did not prevent the acreage from being planted.

Producers should contact their local crop insurance agent to purchase insurance or make changes to existing policies. A list of agents can be found at For more information about Pennsylvania’s crop insurance education program, call (717) 705-9511 or visit and click on “Programs.”

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