Local regional airports receive state grants

Zelienople and New Castle municipal airports to get funding

Two local regional airports will receive grants from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, according to State Senator Elder Vogel.

The Zelienople Municipal Airport in Beaver County will receive $397,500 to continue extending and improving its airport access road and hangar area, and the New Castle Municipal Airport in Lawrence County will receive $315,000 to remove trees obstructing its approach area, according to Senator Vogel.

“Pennsylvania recognizes that smaller, regional airports are becoming more and more important and that the Commonwealth should play a role in helping them develop. These facilities are essential for economic development since they play an important role in the community as bases for business aviation,” said Senator Vogel. “By developing and enhancing the New Castle and Zelienople airports, we give local leaders another marketing tool to draw in new businesses and jobs.”

The local facilities were among 19 regional airports across Pennsylvania sharing $3.7 million in grants during the current round of funding. The state money comes from the Pennsylvania’s jet fuel tax and leverages more than $1.2 million in local matching funds. Public-use airports in the state are eligible for the aviation development program.

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