Ag Equipment and Euthanasia Bills Passed by the Senate

Senate Bills 1169 & 1329 Pass

State Senator Elder Vogel announced today that the Senate has passed Senate Bills 1169 and 1329. The bills will now move to the House of Representatives for further consideration.

Senate Bill 1169, sponsored by Senator Mike Waugh (R-York), amends the Pennsylvania Fair Dealership Law to provide free-market protections for small agricultural equipment dealers selling agriculture equipment in Pennsylvania. Under the bill, agriculture equipment dealers would be afforded the same protections and legal rights that automobile dealers are afforded in PA, specifically the ability to carry and sell multiple lines of equipment at the same facility.

“By enabling equipment dealers to thrive and grow through new opportunities to offer competitive lines of equipment, farmers would have greater choice and access, which helps both the small business offering the equipment and farmers looking to make a purchase,” said Vogel.

Senate Bill 1329, authored by Senator Andrew Dinniman (D-Chester/Montgomery), amends the Animal Destruction Method Authorization Law to ban the use of carbon monoxide systems in Pennsylvania for companion animal euthanasia. “Senate Bill 1329 provides a reasonable approach to an issue that has recently received significant media attention,” Vogel said. “Requiring the most humane methods for companion animal euthanasia is very important.”

“As Chairman of the Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee, I am pleased that my colleagues have approved these bills in both the Committee and the full Senate. I look forward to working on these issues as they move through the legislative process,” Vogel added.

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