Senate Approves Pileggi-Vogel Rule to Govern Senators’ Service on Nonprofit Boards

HARRISBURG – Legislation introduced by Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi (R-9) and Senator Elder Vogel (R-47) to establish a strong new rule governing Senators who serve on the boards of nonprofit organizations which receive state funds was unanimously approved today by the Senate.”The public is demanding increased accountability from their lawmakers and government at all levels,” said Senator Vogel. “This rule, written in response to two clear abuses of a legislator’s position, establishes common-sense standards for Senators who serve on the board of a non-profit organization. We should never again face a situation where a non-profit entity is created by a lawmaker to receive state grants.”

“Setting clear standards and requiring annual training, as this rule does, sends a clear message to the public that we understand the importance of our constant efforts to improve the operation of the General Assembly,” said Senator Pileggi. “I’m proud to have worked with Senator Vogel to implement this new rule.”

Senate Resolution 65 prohibits Senators and members of the Senate staff, along with their spouses and children, from serving on the board of directors for any nonprofit organization that receives state funding unless a number of specific criteria are met.

SR 65 prohibits service on a nonprofit board unless the organization has a written set of bylaws, a board with at least four members, requires official actions of the board to be approved in accordance with the bylaws, and receives at least some private funding.

It also prohibits any Senator or staff member from:

  • Exercising unilateral control over the spending of any state funding a nonprofit receives;
  • Using the nonprofit’s resources, including personnel, to benefit a Senator’s campaign;
  • Ordering a Senate employee to work for the nonprofit;
  • Commingling state funds with a nonprofit organization’s budget; and
  • Maintaining a Senate office within or contiguous to the nonprofit’s office.

More information about state issues is available at Senator Vogel’s website, and on Senator Pileggi’s website,



Joe Weidner (Senator Vogel), (724) 774-0444
Erik Arneson (Senator Pileggi)

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