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****The press conference announced by State Senators Elder Vogel and Tim Solobay has been cancelled due to impending inclement weather. A supplemental press release will be forthcoming detailing the legislation that is to be introduced.*****

State Senators Elder Vogel and Tim Solobay plan to hold a press conference to announce legislation addressing the high cost of fuel for Western Pennsylvanians. The event will be held Thursday, January 19, 2012, at the Fueland service station located at 4750 Tuscarawas Road in Brighton Township.

Specifically, the legislation would remove a costly and burdensome regulation requiring a special “boutique” blend of gasoline from being sold in the seven county Pittsburgh region during the summer. This “summer gas” is routinely more expensive than gasoline sold in the rest of Pennsylvania and also in neighboring Ohio and West Virginia. According to a study performed by Kevin J. Lindemer LLC, the already higher gasoline prices in Western Pennsylvania could become dramatically higher as a result of the potential closing of three refineries in the Philadelphia area.

In addition, the legislation will allow for the expiration of another regulation requiring gas stations in the same seven county region to install Stage II vapor recovery systems on fuel pumps. These pumps prevent the release of gasoline vapors when in use, but the law contains a specific provision to eliminate the requirement if onboard refueling emissions controls in vehicles became widespread. Since 2000, all passenger cars and light trucks have been required to be manufactured to include onboard refueling emissions controls. These controls work by stopping gasoline vapors from coming back out the fill pipe by circulating the vapors back into the fuel tank. Recently, a study by the California Air Resources Board, known for its substantial impact on environmental policy, found that having both systems in place causes a significant reduction in the ability to capture fuel vapors over the effectiveness of either system alone.

Date: Thursday, January 19, 2012

Location: Fueland Service Station, 4750 Tuscarawas Road, Beaver, PA 15009

Directions: I-376 to Brighton Exit. Turn left on Brighton Road. 1st right on Tuscarawas Road.

Time: 1PM

Camera Visual, Radio and Print Press Opportunities

  • Senator Vogel and Senator Solobay will be able to provide more information regarding the legislation.
  • After the press conference, local commuters and service station owners will be available to discuss their reactions to paying higher gasoline prices in Western Pennsylvania



Joe Weidner (Vogel)
(724) 774-0444

Hannah Walsh (Solobay)
(717) 787-1463

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