Senator Vogel Announces Legislation to Honor Pennsylvania’s Veterans

Senator Elder Vogel Jr. (R-47) announced today that he has introduced legislation to amend the County Code to prohibit the removal of flag holders from the graves of veterans.

“After hearing concerns from members of American Legion Post #343 in New Castle that these flag holders were being removed, I knew that we had to take action to stop this from happening,” Vogel said. “Our veterans served our country with honor and dignity and the least we can do is make sure that their sacrifices are properly recognized.”

Currently, state law regulates the placement and removal of flags marking the graves of veterans. Under Senator Vogel’s legislation – Senate Bill 1464, the County Code would be amended to prohibit the removal of the flag holders as well. Many Veterans’ groups use these flag holders as markers for the placement of American flags each Memorial Day. Removal of the flag holders would result in the same fine as the unauthorized removal of a flag.

“This legislation will help ensure that our veterans forever rest in peace under the flag in which they served,” Vogel added.

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