Vogel Bill on Community Fundraisers Enacted Into Law

Governor signs “Pie Bill” Senate Bill 828

Governor Rendell has signed Senator Elder Vogel’s legislation barring the state from citing community groups for selling home-made baked goods.

Senate Bill 828, also known as the “Pie Bill”, eliminates the ability of the Department of Agriculture to cite non-profit community groups such as volunteer fire companies, churches, and school booster clubs for selling non-hazardous home-baked food at fundraisers. It is Senator Vogel’s first bill to be signed into law.

“This is a good day for community organizations and groups all across Pennsylvania that rely on selling donated baked goods for fundraising,” Vogel said.

Senator Vogel introduced the bill after a local church in his district came under state scrutiny for selling homemade pies prepared by ladies of the church at a Lenten fish fry.

“I am pleased that we have completed this process, and appreciate the support that I received from my colleagues and the Governor,” Vogel said. “The groundswell of support from folks all across Pennsylvania on this issue was outstanding, and just shows that people believe we need to restore a little common sense to government,” Senator Vogel said.

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