Committee Backs Vogel Bill on Community Fundraisers

Vogel bill bars Ag Department from citing non-profits for selling non-potentially hazardous home-baked goods

The Senate Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee today (January 26) unanimously approved legislation introduced by Senator Elder Vogel (R-47) that will bar the state from citing groups that sell commonly prepared baked goods.

Senate Bill 828 eliminates the ability of the Department of Agriculture to cite non-profit community groups such as churches, booster clubs and volunteer fire companies for selling non-potentially hazardous home-baked food at fundraisers.

“I am pleased that the Committee reported out this bill,” Senator Vogel said. “This is a good first step in moving this bill forward.”

Senator Vogel introduced Senate Bill 828 after the Department of Agriculture cited a local church for selling homemade baked goods prepared by ladies of the church at a Lenten fish fry fundraiser.

“I believe we should all be concerned about food safety. However, I also believe that the Commonwealth could make much better use of its resources than to pursue volunteers and groups who are working to improve their communities,” Senator Vogel said. “It’s time to restore a little common sense to government.”

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