Senator Vogel Encourages Area State Employees to Contact Lenders Early During Pennsylvania Budget Impasse

Senator Elder Vogel Jr. announced today that while state employees in Beaver and Lawrence Counties may soon start missing their paychecks as a result of the state budget impasse, he is encouraged by conversations with area financial institutions willing to assist state employees who are also lending recipients.

“Over the last few weeks my offices have been reaching out to area lenders to discuss how best to approach this issue,” Vogel said. “The feedback we’ve been getting is that if state employees know they may not be able to make payments on time because they’re not receiving a paycheck, then they should really take the time to alert their financial institution early on, and their lenders will work with them.”

“It is unfortunate that Governor Rendell has chosen not to pay state workers when he has the ability to do so,” Vogel said. “Using state employees as leverage to get a 16% personal income tax increase is unconscionable. It is wrong, and I will not support it.”

According to state data estimates, there are approximately 700 – 1,000 state employees in Beaver and Lawrence Counties who could be affected if a state budget is not passed soon.

Senator Vogel added that his offices in Rochester and New Castle stand ready to assist area residents who may need assistance. He remains hopeful that a resolution to the budget impasse can be accomplished quickly.

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