Senator Vogel Announces Legislation Preventing Department of Agriculture from Citing Churches and Community Groups

Senator Elder Vogel Jr. (R-47) announced today he plans to introduce legislation which will prevent the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture from citing churches and other community booster groups for serving food that was prepared at home.

“If church members can’t prepare a home-cooked meal or dessert and take it to their church for fellow members or the local community to enjoy, what’s next?” Senator Vogel said. “Churches should be able to hold church functions without the heavy hand of government interfering in such a simple and basic tradition.”

Senator Vogel said he is introducing the legislation in response to the Department of Agriculture citing St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Rochester for serving food prepared off-site in members’ homes.

“It is an alarming trend that government is pervading every facet of our lives,” Senator Vogel said. “I certainly hope in this instance commonsense will prevail.”

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