Senator Vogel takes over 47th District Senate Seat

Unveils new website:

At noon yesterday, Elder Vogel Jr. was sworn in as the newly elected State Senator of the 47th Senatorial District. The 47th District covers nearly 240,000 residents in Beaver, Lawrence and Allegheny Counties.

“The experience was truly humbling,” Senator Vogel said. “Standing in the Senate Chamber, you can feel the history and the responsibility that comes with the office. I am looking forward to serving the citizens of the 47th District.”

About 75 friends and family members joined Senator Vogel in Harrisburg for the swearing-in day festivities. “These are the people who helped me get to where I am and I’m glad they could make the trip. It’s only right that they share in the happiness and the ceremony of the swearing in,” Senator Vogel said.

Having been sworn in, Senator Vogel said he is ready for his legislative duties to begin as the Senate starts deliberating legislation for the 2009-2010 Legislative Session.

As part of his effort to make state services and programs more accessible to the people of the 47th District, Senator Vogel unveiled his new website on the Internet. The address for his website is:

The website includes information about pending legislation, state laws, agencies and programs, special sections of interest to senior citizens, veterans and kids, as well as links to other government and civic organizations.

“There is a wide variety of information available on my website,” Senator Vogel said. “The Internet is a good way to keep constituents informed about what is going on in state government and tell them about programs that are available. The Website provides an excellent way for busy people to keep track of what’s going on in state government and how it affects their everyday lives – when it is convenient for them.”


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