West View Water Authority Receives Over a Million Dollars

The West View Water Authority (WVWA) was awarded $1,099,565 from the Multimodal Transportation Fund Grant Program for improvements to Tevebaugh Hollow Road, which is the main access to the new water treatment plant.

Currently, the road’s weight limit is restricted to 10 tons and the authority is struggling to transport the appropriate chemicals to the plant. Additionally, this road acts as a secondary safety access road on the back axis which connects to the Northern Light Shopping Center.

“This was a very important project for a lot of people in the area. The need for proper access to a new treatment plant is of vital importance to get, and keep, the plant running at optimal levels. Besides the plant, an improved Tevebaugh Hollow Road provides a safe route for other businesses and the community.” said Senator Vogel, “Needless to say, I was happy to hear the WVWA received its request for assistance as it serves such a large part of our community.”

            West View Water Authority (WVWA) is located in West View, Pennsylvania and supplies water to 32 municipalities and over 200,000 people in portions of Allegheny, Beaver and Butler counties in Pennsylvania. The Authority owns and maintains 10 reservoirs throughout the service territory with a maximum water storage capacity of 39,850,000 gallons.


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