Riverside School District Receives Half a Million

Riverside School District was awarded $500,00 from the Commonwealth for redevelopment of the school’s natatorium. Riverside is one of the schools in Beaver County with a swimming pool that not only offers recreation to the students within the district, but to the public as well.

Installed in 1976, the pool is in need of multiple repairs and redevelopment. Between inadequate regulation slope depth for diving, lane line anchors, cracks in the aluminum, and a need for a new air filtration system, the pool, while still functional, needs these repairs.

“We are very pleased that the Department has awarded Riverside with the money for these upgrades. It is a good school that has a commitment to the many swimming programs it offers. After seeing their report on the air filtration system, age of the pool and the cracks in the aluminum lining, it was clear the pool needed some help, and I am happy that our Commonwealth could provide them with that assistance.” said Senator Vogel, “The pool plays an important role in that community and I would hate to see it go into disrepair because we were not able to help out. With all the people that use the pool for instructional, recreational, and athletic uses, it is an exciting time for Riverside and the area.”


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