Beaver County Partnership to Receive $125K

The Beaver County Partnership was awarded $125,000 from the Commonwealth for Phase 3 & 4 of its Quality Education and Work Force Development study. Formed in 2016, the Beaver County Partnership is a public/private partnership of more than 300 volunteer Beaver County Leaders from local businesses, government, and public service organizations.

The study focuses three main questions, the first of which is with the changing population, fiscal and demographic trends, how can Beaver County address equity of opportunity and access as we maintain community identities? Second, how do we address the cost of aging infrastructure and remain cost-effective for the Beaver County taxpayers? Lastly, With the cost of education continuing to rise, what will Beaver County education look like by 2030?

            “The Beaver County Partnership has done a great job interacting with the local stockholders during every step of the on-going study. The questions they are asking, are not easy ones for any county to answer and it is why we are thankful they have taken it upon themselves to gather the necessary information to form a plan that will benefit the students and communities within Beaver County. We want a cost-effective system that maximizes all of our children’s limitless potential and I am excited for what this study will find in our area.” said Senator Vogel.

            The Quality Education Council is part of the Beaver County Partnership and is comprised of educational leaders from schools across the county. The council is divided into three committees, namely the K-12 Education, Bridges and Pathways College Partnership and the post-Secondary Workforce Development committees.


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