Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee Approves Five Bills

The Senate Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee today (June 23) approved five bills, including two that address fairs and food establishments impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, according to Committee Chairman Senator Elder Vogel.

House Bill 441, introduced by Representative Curtis Sonney, amends the Agricultural Area Security Law to provide for wind power generation systems on preserved farmland.

Senate Bill 881, introduced by Senator Scott Martin, directs a portion of the state-allocated farmland preservation funding to be set aside annually for use by land trusts.

Senate Bill 1089, introduced by Senator Judy Ward, repeals Act 215 of 1965, the Frozen Dessert Law.

Senate Bill 1182, introduced by Senator Michele Brooks, ensures that funding from the PA Fair Fund will be distributed to eligible fairs that have to cancel this year’s events due to COVID-19.

House Bill 2435 , introduced by Representative Bridget Kosierowski, establishes the Food Establishment Pandemic Disease Remediation Cost Reimbursement Grant Program under the Department of Agriculture.

The bills now advance to the full Senate for consideration.


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