Senate Approves Vogel Bill to Create Panel to Review, Update Election Laws

The Senate today (June 25) approved a measure sponsored by Senator Elder Vogel (R-47) that would create a special panel to review and update Pennsylvania’s election standards.

Senate Bill 422, which establishes the Pennsylvania Election Law Advisory Board, now goes to the House of Representatives for consideration.

“This advisory board would review our existing election laws and provide recommendations that would use current technology and demographics to update and streamline the voting process,” said Senator Vogel. “The need for this panel is clear and I hope it will quickly move through the House and be sent to the Governor’s desk for enactment into law. It is time that we move Pennsylvania forward to ensure our elections are fair and efficient.”

The Election Law Advisory board will be charged with the following duties:

  • Study the election code to identify statutory language that can be repealed, modified or updated.
  • Collaborate with agencies and political subdivisions to study election-related issues.
  • Study new election technology.
  • Evaluate the electoral process and identify best practices to ensure voting integrity and efficiency.
  • Publish an annual report with the findings on the PA Department of State’s website.

Members of the board will include legislative appointees, one member of each congressional district, an advocate for individuals with disabilities, an advocate for voter’s rights, and a county election official. 

Contact:          Charlie O’Neill            (717) 787-3076

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