Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee to Consider Farm Aid Bills

The Senate Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee will consider five bills intended to assist Pennsylvania farmers and promote agricultural operations in the Commonwealth at a meeting set for 12:30 p.m., today (Monday, June 24) in Room 461 of the State Capitol Complex, Harrisburg, according to Committee Chairman Senator Elder Vogel.

House Bill 1514 provides for Farm-To-School Program grants.

House Bill 1516 establishes the Agriculture Rapid Response Disaster Readiness Account to provide emergency money for training, equipment and other resources necessary for rapid responses to transmissible diseases, plant pests, plant diseases, controlled and noxious weeds, foodborne illnesses and natural and other disasters affecting agriculture which pose an immediate danger to public or animal health, food safety or economic well-being in the Commonwealth.

House Bill 1520 creates a grant program to reimburse federal meat inspection costs for small or new processors and subsidize the first-time purchase of equipment needed for federal compliance.

House Bill 1526 establishes the Agriculture-Linked Investment Program for implementing best management practices.

House Bill 1590 establishes the Dairy Investment Program and Dairy Investment Program Account under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth Financing Authority.

The meeting will be streamed live at:

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