Committee Approves Bill to Expand Tax Relief for Disabled Veterans



The Senate Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness Committee approved a proposed constitutional amendment today that would expand property tax relief for Pennsylvania’s disabled veterans.

Senate Bill 92, a measure introduced by Senator Elder Vogel (R-47) and Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-46), would allow for an expansion of the Property Tax Exemption Program for Disabled Veterans.

Currently, an honorably discharged disabled veteran must be 100-percent disabled and have a financial need in order to receive a 100-percent exemption from property taxes. The proposed constitutional amendment would allow veterans determined to be at least 50-percent disabled to receive the tax exemption based on the extent of their disability.

Under that proposal, a 100-percent disabled veteran would continue to be completely exempt from paying property taxes. However, those considered to be 75-percent disabled would then be eligible for a 75-percent exemption and a 50-percent disabled veteran could receive a 50-percent exemption. All veterans – regardless of their disability level – would still have to qualify based on their financial need.

“As our men and women continue to put their lives on the line for our freedom, this measure is another way in which we can say thank you for their sacrifice,” said Senator Vogel.

“The men and women in the military put themselves in harm’s way to protect our freedom and our way of life every day,” Bartolotta said. “Veterans who suffer a lifelong disability and financial difficulties as a result of their service deserve to be included in the property tax exemption program.” 

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